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Monday, April 6, 2015

Being Human: Review and Tribute Video

It's hard to believe it's been a year since my all time favorite show ended. & I don't say "all time favorite" lightly. I don't have one favorite song or band (although 30 Seconds To Mars & M83 are up there), or one favorite movie (although Oblivion & Knowing are up there). I love shows like The 100 (based on books by Kass Morgan) & the tragically cancelled Star-Crossed, due to their Scifi themes, but Being Human is the only show in the history of television that I can truly say is my favorite.

Being Human started as a European show, which I saw a couple episodes of on BBC, but just couldn't get into it after seeing the U.S. version on the Syfy channel. No offense to the first Being human, but I think the U.S. version was drastically improved. I might be biased though. It's one of the very few shows where I can honestly say I adored the entire cast, especially the main characters.

In the beginning, Aidan (Sam Witwer) & Josh (Sam Huntington) move in together as roommates. One small problem though - one is a vampire & the other a werewolf. They soon discover that their new-found abode is haunted by a ghost named Sally (Meaghan Rath), & since their supernatural state allows them to see her, they quickly become friends with her quirky, lovable spirit. Then, eventually, Josh falls in love with a coworker named Nora (Kristen Hager), & accidentally turns her into a werewolf. Oh & he also impregnates her with his possibly monstrous child. Ruh-roh D:

The setup of a vampire, werewolf & ghost living under the same roof makes for tons of action & drama, but that's not really why I loved the show. I loved it because one minute the characters could be sitting at the kitchen table joking & laughing (& making me laugh quite a bit too), & the next minute they could be on the edge of life & death, screaming & crying & clawing to save each other. This contrast of comedy & drama is, I think, what made it so great. I've recently discovered a genre of music that I feel is my musical soul mate, called doom metal (bands like My Dying Bride & Forest of Shadows & our friend's band Agonal, & soon our own music too). Since then, I've referred to Being Human as the Doom Metal of TV. Because it does the same thing - makes you feel safe & warm, & then when you least expect it, rips it all away in a flurry of sorrow & despair. I loved being on that emotional roller coaster. Maybe I'm just crazy, but that's why it's my all time favorite show.

When it was announced that Being Human was ending a year ago, with only a couple weeks to adjust to the shocking news, many people were angry. I was too, at first, but then I found out why it was ending & I felt a little bit better about it. & the Series Finale was everything I could have hoped for, bringing all the story lines to a beautifully happy ending. Unlike with the aforementioned Star-Crossed, Being Human got the ending the characters & fans deserved, & I will always be grateful for that. :)

I seriously can't believe it's taken me a year to make my tribute video for Being Human. First, I had a plethora of songs to choose from, finally deciding on my remix of "Breath" by Breaking Benjamin, since it allowed me to showcase both the action & romance on the show. Some of the lyrics really went with certain things that happened too. Then I had some technical difficulties (way too many clips for poor little windows movie maker to handle), & then my novels & other projects got in the way, but finally I decided to finish it, coincidentally, exactly one month before the one year anniversary of the show's ending.

Speaking of the ending, I had to squeeze in another song at the end of the video - my remix of "I Won't Let You Go" by Snow Patrol. You may have heard this song on the Divergent soundtrack. It was in the credits of that movie, but I felt like it should have played when the credits first started rolling (it didn't - one of many musical issues I had with that movie), so for this video it is the credit song, & I really feel like it's perfect for what's happening at the end. Here are the lyrics of the part I used:

Never gonna be easy, was it?

You didn't think it'd be so much fun.

The smile comes despite the danger.

Get some.

I know I'm where I belong.

Deep down inside, I've known all along.

I won't let you go,
 so don't leave go of me.

I wanted something more, 
I wanted this right here.

This is what you really want.

This is what you asked for.

Any of Being Human's main characters could have written these lyrics about their loved ones in the show, & while most of the video is filled with action & dread (& a LOT of screaming, LOL), I wanted to end it on a happy note. Because I think I can speak for all fans of the show when I say these lyrics also sum up how we feel after that ending. This is what we really want. This is what we asked for.

I for one couldn't have asked for a more perfect show or a more perfect ending. I will never let Being Human go (pun intended). I could watch it over & over for the rest of my life & never get sick of it. & I just might do that, once I finally own it on DVD. ;)

Okay, enough gushing. Video time!

Warning: This video is basically the entire series squeezed into 4 minutes (thanks to this amazing & hilarious recap for some of the footage). Some big spoilers ahead. But chances are if you're reading this you've seen the show anyway, so sit back, relax, turn the volume up & enjoy the feels!


P.S. (Spoiler)
I also just found out while researching for this blog that they intended all along for Sally & Aidan to have the same door (to the afterlife) which made this long time Saidan shipper very happy. They were soul mates. It doesn't get better than that. :)

I leave you with an article (interview with Sam Witwer AKA Aidan) discussing the door thing and much more, including a farewell interview video. This amazing show and its truly lovable characters will be missed, but I for one have never been so satisfied or fulfilled after a series. Thanks for the memories. 

Be Human,
Kylie Jude.


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