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Kylie is currently wrapping up the first novel in an illustrated Science Fiction saga. She has been writing since childhood, but has never completed something of this magnitude before. Her Facebook should provide you with the most recent updates. It's pretty top secret right now, but more information will be provided once the first book in the series is published, so keep an eye out!  


Kylie comprises the "hippie" side of the term "hippie-metal" chosen for the band TwinStar. We began TwinStar in 2009. It can be found on Facebook and Myspace. The project has slowed down a lot recently, but fear not, a new and better music project is on the horizon!

Video Editor:

Kylie is an avid video editor. She began editing in 2002, and has hopes to one day be able to make music videos and film trailers professionally. In the mean time, and when she isn't busy writing, she makes music videos of films, television and video games, and uploads them to her Youtube for fun. She has also recently begun mixing music - in some cases adding instrumentation and drum beats, and in other cases combining 2 songs together to make one - most of these will be on her personal Youtube as well. She also edits occasional videos for her support group R.I.S.E. (more on that next) and her work is featured in a bunch of my videos on Necrotanic (including video editing, voice-over work, acting, and music).  


Kylie is a survivor of rape, and has known many loved ones over the years who have been through the same horror, some of which became suicidal as a result. Consequently, she has a lot of empathy for rape and incest victims, especially those who may contemplate suicide. In 2008, she started a support group called R.I.S.E. (Rape Incest & Suicide Education) and it has been growing ever since. The goals of the group are to spread awareness about the epidemics mentioned, and to help those who have survived them to RISE above them and heal. It's not about money (too many of those out there already), it's just about spreading joy and healing to anyone who might need it. In addition to Youtube (mentioned earlier), RISE can also be found on Facebook and Twitter, and the group's Spokesperson runs a blog for it as well. 

Graphic Artist:

Kylie draws most of the illustrations for her novels by hand, and then finishes them in Photoshop. She also likes to dabble with fan art in her free time, which is done in a similar way. You can see some of her work in this area by visiting her on Deviant Art. She also does occasional work with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's collaborative production company hitRECord. In addition, she has recently begun teaching herself animation. 

This is just the beginning. 
Much more to come! 

(Husband, Author, Photographer, Musician, Graphic Artist)

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  1. I enjoyed your "Looper" review. It was very well written and I got your point of view. ~Joy