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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fairytale In Red (Malukah Remix)

I first heard Malukah's angelic voice when she posted her very first Skyrim cover on Youtube a couple years back, and since then, I've become hooked. Then a couple months ago when I heard her original song "Reignite" (inspired by and including clips from one of my favorite game series "Mass Effect") I knew she was a star. She has become just that among gamers all over the world, and rightfully so. 

I commented on her Reignite video saying something like "Keep writing songs. That is where your true power lies." THEN I discovered that she had released a whole CD of original songs under her real name Judith de los Santos, called "All of the Above" and what do you know, I was right - her original songs are in my opinion even better than her covers. She puts so much emotion into everything, and this album is no exception. The sound is masterfully produced and the lyrics are surprisingly brilliant. 2 of my favorites from the album are "Covered in Red" which has that dark intensity I always look for in music, and "Fairytale" which weaves words together in a mind-blowingly impressive way. 

The 2 songs seem to have a similar theme, as well as similar notes (each of them still standing alone as separate songs though) so I had the idea to try mixing these 2 songs together. I used "Fairytale" as the base (it plays the whole time) and added clips of "Covered in Red" over it (it's quiet but it's there - I would have made it louder but the drums would have clashed). Mind you, I don't have the best equipment to do stuff like this with, but hey, I tried. And my husband tells me that despite my lack of good equipment it still sounds like one fluid song, which is a huge compliment coming from him (he tells me the truth whether it's ugly or not) so, I hope you guys will like it too! 


Screenshot from "Fairytale In Red" (animation)

They say all musicians are capable of hearing 2 songs in their mind at once, and I've always been able to do that. As a result of this bizarre talent, I've been wanting to mix songs together for a few years now (even made a list - lost it since then but it's quickly growing again - this will be the first of many mixes), but I never actually tried it until now. And Malukah was the one I wanted to mix music from first, since that first project is always so special, and Malukah is also so special. Her covers alone have helped me through some pretty hard times, especially "Reignite" (which also got me through beating Dragon Age: Origins for the first time) and not only does she have this amazing talent, but she is one of the sweetest people you'll ever encounter. She always takes the time to reply to people online (which is quite the feat considering how many people interact with her every day) and it amazes me how humble she still is. The following wasn't even in reply to anything, which I thought was awesome of her.

Via Google+

Anyway, since I'd already talked to her a few times, I felt like I needed to ask her permission before uploading this mix. So, I sent her an email and crossed my fingers, not wanting to get my hopes up. To pass the time until I heard from her, I tweeted things such as this to get people excited: 

And I think it worked ;)

Then, to my surprise, Malukah said yes! I was happier than a kid on Christmas morning, and it definitely showed in my posts on Twitter. LOL. And @MarsAmee (a mutual fan) was pretty excited too, which was awesome ;)

I quickly got to work finalizing the project, making a simple lyric video (to clarify which parts I used where) and even adding some animation (which is apparently MUCH harder than it looks) and finally, after much blood, sweat, tears of frustration & tears of joy, staying up until 5am for 3 nights in a row, working on it for most of my birthday (today - New Years Eve), 34 Movie Maker files and over 520 Photoshop files, I'm happy to finally say IT IS FINISHED! I know it's not perfect, but I hope it will showcase her music in a fresh new way and attract even more fans for this amazing musician and wonderful person. :)

Screenshot from "Fairytale In Red" (animation)

If you haven't heard the album "All of the Above" you can check it out at Malukah.Com - I recommend listening to each song on its own before listening to the mix. I also recommend checking out her Youtube if you haven't yet. Get over there and see what you've been missing! 

Anyway, enough rambling. Here it is. My mix and lyric video of these 2 amazing songs (I've also combined the titles of the songs to get "Fairytale In Red") - Hope you like it! 

I'd suggest headphones & full-screen. Just saying.

So, there you have it. Remember, this was my first time mixing 2 songs together, and also my first attempt at actual animation. So be gentle with me, but let me know what you think! I loved making this, and I hope I get to collaborate with Malukah (again) in the future. I think this arrangement would make for a great duet (might have to try that if Malu and I are ever in the same town LOL) and I already have a little something in mind (actually kind of a BIG something) for a possible future project with her if she's up for it. Hint: The song in the credits. ;) 

Whatever the future holds, I feel brilliance on the horizon. New year, new passion. I'm so excited to bring you more stuff like this :) If you like it, please subscribe to the channel and also to my channel where I'll be posting some future stuff like this too. 

Happy New Year! 

 Be The Lightning ;)



Here is Malukah's sweet and thoughtful response to the blog and the mix: 

   Thanks Malu :)


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Introverts & Extroverts - A Love Letter

This is a love letter from introverts everywhere to the extroverts in their lives. I say love letter because it's written with love, and the pure intention to help those around us understand who we are, and how we interact as introverts. This is not meant to be hurtful, only helpful. So open your mind and enjoy! 

First, let me explain introverts and extroverts the best way I know how, for anyone out there who might not know what these terms mean. 

Introverted people tend to be more shy and socially withdrawn. They think about everything, and sometimes they think about what to say for so long that they miss the opportunity to say it. They function much better in one-on-one situations than in a group setting.

Extroverts, on the other hand, thrive from being around lots of people, and from being the center of attention. They usually speak before thinking and they don't like to be by themselves for long.

The main difference between introverts and extroverts is where they get their energy from. I didn't come up with this theory. It's been around for a long time. But I've found it to be true in most cases. Extroverts get their energy from being in crowds of people, while introverts get their energy from alone time. It's not a downfall for either type of person, it's just how their batteries recharge.

It helps to think of extroverts as having an extremely wide peripheral vision, so to speak. They are wide open and can focus on many things, conversations and relationships simultaneously. And it helps to think of introverts as having tunnel vision. They are much more focused on one thing at a time, and one person at a time. When there is too much going on around them, or too many different things to devote their attention to, they can literally become physically drained.

I am an introvert. I used to think there was something wrong with me. Family, peers, and teachers all used to make me believe that I had to be loud and full of energy to function in this world. But when I discovered recently that this is just part of my personality, my eyes opened up. I now know I'm not the only one. I'm not alone. Since then, I've done a lot of research on the topic, and I've come up with what will hopefully be a helpful tool for extroverts to use on their journey to connecting with closed off and reserved introverts.

Please note that I am also a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) so forgive me if some of the things I say lean more toward this spectrum of introversion. I'll try and stay away from it if I can. There will be a link at the end of this blog that explains HSP's more. In the mean time, I'll get back to it...

Unfortunately, introverts and extroverts often clash because of their different personalities. The only reason for this clash is that neither understands the other. I want to try and change that, if I can.

The following is not meant to be cruel or biased, and is only from an introvert's point of view because that is the side of the line I happen to fall on. 

If you are an extrovert living or working with an introvert, these tips to a successful conversation may come in handy:



 Judge us. 
Most people can tell when they are being judged. Most introverts are much more sensitive to it and can actually feel the insincerity from someone who's judging them. So the first thing you need to do is accept the fact that we are different (everyone is), and there's nothing wrong with that. This goes for introverts as well!

Ignore us.  
When we speak, it usually isn't very loud. We tend to be shy and withdrawn when we speak. I don't know why this is, but I'm assuming it varies based on the person. Personally, I have learned that I speak quietly because of the fact that I was an only child with a fairly quiet home environment growing up, and I never really learned to raise my voice. I never had the need to. Sure, I can yell if I get pissed off, but I would rather not get to that point. There are other factors that play into why I'm soft-spoken, but that is one of them. When we say something and are ignored, it tends to make us less likely to say anything else for a while, because what's the point? If you can't hear us, that's one thing, but don't just ignore us because you can't understand our quiet speech.

Interrupt us. 
When we do finally build up the courage to speak, all that effort tends to go out the window if we get interrupted. Most times it might just be that you didn't hear us, but still, being interrupted feels like a slap in the face to most introverts, and then we end up back at square one, having to build up the courage to speak again, which will probably take even longer the second time around. 

Ask us to repeat ourselves. 
This is a tricky one because the previous two tips contradict it. If you realize that you've been ignoring us, of course the polite thing is to ask us what we said. Asking us once is great, but repetitive asking is extremely frustrating for many of us. In my case, I've found that my limit is two or three times of repeating myself before I just give up and say "never mind, it's not important." So once you ask for a repeat the first time, that's when the whole not interrupting thing comes into play ;)



  Start the conversation. 
 Extroverts love to talk, so why not do it? It will be much easier for you than it will be for us introverts, and it might even break the ice and start a great conversation. That's not to say we'll never be comfortable enough around you to start conversations - I for one am much more outgoing with people I know extremely well - but it takes a long time for that to happen. So, at least in the beginning, it's up to the extrovert to get the ball rolling. We're not lazy, and we're not trying to be rude, we're just quiet.

Ask us questions. 
As the extrovert, it is your job to draw us out of our shells by not only starting conversations, but by asking us questions. So if you feel a relationship with an introvert is worth the time and effort, work on it. Engage us. Even if it may not seem like it, most of us love it. And who knows where it might lead!

Give us time to respond. 
Introverts think about every little thing before they say it. Most of the time, this is why we don't have much to contribute to a conversation - because by the time we've thought it through enough to say it, the subject has changed. This is especially common in a group conversation. So be patient with us, and understand that we're not slow, and we're not trying to be rude; we're just contemplative. Most introverts have a million things running through their heads at once, and it can take much longer to sort it all out. 

Avoid small talk. 
 I don't know about other introverts, but I personally HATE small talk. If the conversation isn't productive, I get bored. If the subject matter isn't deep, I get exhausted. I'm guessing all introverts are like this. We like to get straight to the point, which is one reason we prefer one on one conversations. This is one of many reasons we try to avoid social events and large groups. Too much small talk. But again, I'm just speaking for myself... I think. ;)

None of us should let differences in personality get in the way of our relationships with each other. Some of the best friends and loved ones I've ever known were extroverts. This is because we found the balance between the two extremes. I listened while they talked, allowing them to shine and be the star of the show, and they talked to me, coaxing me out of my shell patiently and respectfully. 

I've always compared introverts and extroverts to the moon and the sun, or shadows and light. You can't have one without the other, and when executed correctly, a relationship between an introvert and an extrovert can be a beautiful thing. I truly believe that introverts and extroverts are MEANT to be the way they are so that they can bring out the BEST in each other, not the worst. We are meant to connect, we just do it differently. 

I hope this helps any extroverts out there connect with the introverts in their lives. Just remember, a little patience and understanding can go a long way.

And, last but not least, be kind to each other. :)


Here's a great little quiz to help you find out if you're an introvert, an extrovert, or somewhere in between:

If you want to go even deeper, here's a great personality test that has helped my family and me understand each other:

And if you're an introvert who is more sensitive than others to certain things (like I am), you can take this HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) test:


I leave you with some screenshots of things introverts say (including myself) from Twitter:


 "Writing is my salvation. 
It allows me to express myself on a level that I can't verbally. 
It allows me to be heard. Finally, and completely."

(yours truly, on being an introverted writer)


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Guest Blog: Madeline Courtney

Madeline Courtney is currently 16 years old, living in Missouri, and self-publishing her first novel, THE CASE OF IRENE ADLER. When she asked me to interview her for my blog, I was more than happy to. I asked her a few questions, and she answered them beautifully. Enjoy:

1. How long have you been writing? 

"I've been writing since I had this school project in the first grade. We all had to write a short story about our favorite animal. Mine was a cat named Mykin. In the end it got run over by a car. It was very sad."

2. What inspired you to start writing? 

"Um... I've always been writing really. I think what inspires me to keep writing is my life. It's pretty terrible and I'm not just saying that because I'm a teenager. I was sexually assaulted and tortured by a family friend from ages 3-13 and I did not have justice. Everything was settling down when my parents decided to move. At my new school I was again sexually assaulted by football players, told to commit suicide, brutally bullied so bad I had to drop and be home-schooled. Now, I am doing homeschooling online at the library and have absolutely no high school experience. Which is why I am moving out next year so I can have a senior year in my home town, Carthage Missouri. Basically to shorten the answer, I write to disappear. To escape reality and FINALLY live a peaceful life."

3. Your book "The Case of Irene Adler" is a retelling of "A Scandal in Bohemia" by Arthur Conan Doyle. How does your book differ from the original? And will Sherlock Holmes be making an appearance? 

"My book is Urban Fantasy. It's much the same as the original, except Irene Adler is a vampire controlled by the evil James Moriarty. John Watson is actually a female Witch Doctor named Jonelle Watson... I can't really say much about Holmes without giving away the ending. Yes, he's in there. Yes, he's super badass vampire killing awesomeness."

4. Do you have any future novels in the works? If so, can you describe them in a nut shell?  

"YES! Obviously this book is the first in a trilogy. The next book is called A STUDY IN MORIARTY which has something to do with THE HOUNDS OF BASKERVILLE, and then a modern retelling of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, set in the deep south."

5. You're still 16 years old, with your whole life and career ahead of you. Where do you see your writing career taking you in the next 10 years? 

"Honestly, I would just be happy working as a librarian and writing on my down time. Actually, that's my plan. I want to either work at Books-A-Million or a library, and write when I come home. I was debating on giving my novels away for free on Ebook and perhaps also selling them on Amazon, giving people the choice on if they want to buy them or not. Is that good answer?"

YES, those are ALL great answers! It's awesome of Madeline to want to give her books away for free. It shows that to her, writing isn't just a money making scheme, but a true passion and something she is willing to share with the world just because she loves it. Being a sexual assault survivor myself (and Founder of RISE) I sympathize with Madeline and truly hope things get better for her. And I agree - Writing IS a great way to escape, AND a great path to healing! 

 If you want to keep up with Madeline and her work, you can follow her on Twitter HERE

Thank you for sharing, Madeline, and good luck with everything! I'll be looking out for your work :) 

Keep Rising, 


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Guest Blog: Author Ksenia Anske

If you're a writer and you've never heard of Ksenia Anske, you've probably been living under a rock. Don't worry, I was living under a rock too, until a few months ago when I started looking for fellow writers on Twitter. I didn't expect to find much, but boy was I wrong. I have found some of the coolest and most inspiring writers through Twitter, and Ksenia is one of them. She has a wonderful website and a blog in which she often gives great writing advice, which I appreciate, and she is one of the sweetest writers I've met. She is also a survivor, which comes across in her book series Siren Suicides, and she is someone every survivor can look up to because she is speaking out about it and trudging fearlessly down the path to healing. She recently finished a new book, Rosehead, which I'm sure will be a fantastic read.

I have never done a guest blog before, and when Ksenia mentioned it I knew I wanted her to be the first person I featured on my blog. I talked to her and asked her a few questions, which she answered brilliantly. Here they are:

1. How is your new book Rosehead different from your last work, Siren Suicides?

"It's different in several ways, actually. Number one, I planned Siren Suicides inside and out, before starting to write it, meaning, I plotted it, I wrote out Chapter summaries in a notebook, I rewrote chapter summaries in the notebook, and then rewrote it again. With Rosehead, I didn't plan anything at all. I had a picture in my mind, an image, I started writing from there, and every day I would sit down in front of my laptop, not knowing what would happen or where the story would take me. Number two, Siren Suicides is told from the 1st person perspective, and Rosehead is more of a classic 3rd person tale. I like 3rd person better, I think. Number three, Siren Suicides is very dark and dreamy and full of teenage angst, as well as some heavy underlying topics like suicide and domestic violence. Rosehead is more of a funny story with dark undertones, not unlike the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Watson, but with a spin of YA. Number four, Siren Suicides I wrote for therapy. Rosehead I also wrote for therapy, but mostly I wrote it for fun, to get my head clear for the next heavy book I'm getting ready to write, a literary novel called Irkadura."

2. What is the message you hope to convey with Rosehead?

"Oy. What message. Well, probably that kids imaginary world is very valid and deserves a 100% attention from adults, which it doesn't get, most of the time. Adults don't like believing in kids tales, but kids often see things adults don't, and that was my own personal experience growing up, so of course it spilled into a whole book. In the book, Lilith Bloom, a 12 year old girl, suffers from a certain disorder that causes her parents to dismiss her observations. Alas, they realize at the end of the book that they were wrong. And, of course, love wins over everything."

3. How have recent events in your life impacted your writing?

"I would say, my life's events impact my writing in general, all the time, every day, because I write to process my life, to make sense of it, and to make myself believe that I can continue living, despite things that happen to me. I mostly store things that happen to me, to reuse in my stories later. That's how I survived the bad things that happened to me, by tuning out, packing them deep inside, to process later. Maybe that's why I have so many stories sitting inside me, waiting to get out? I dunno. That must be it."

4. Any new projects on the horizon?

"Oh yes, I have about 8 novels planned out, to write after I'm done with Rosehead. Well, 2 of them are more fleshed out than the others, Irkadura, a literary novel that is based on my growing up in Soviet Union, and Page Turner, a fantasy novel about kids who discover that the world has pages and they can be turned, like the pages of a book."

5. Any advice for new writers?

"Yes. KEEP WRITING EVERY DAY, no matter what anyone tells you. And after you're done writing, read every day. Without reading, you will hardly be able to write. There are a million books out there on how to write. I would suggest you read only one, ON WRITING, by Stephen King, and do everything he says. That's what I do, and so far, King's advice has been golden."

* * *

Being a fairly new writer myself, I will certainly be taking Ksenia's advice to heart, and I look forward to reading her books, especially Page Turner! I hope you've enjoyed my first guest blog, and I hope you will check Ksenia's work out, as well as follow her on Twitter, and subscribe to her blog.

Thanks for the inspiration Ksenia!

Keep Rising, 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


If it isn't killing you, 
It isn't your purpose in life. 

This may sound harsh and extreme at first, but think about it. From the moment we are born, we are dying. Life is death. Therefore, death is also life. That's not saying you should actively seek out a career path that will kill you, or take drugs that could kill you, or jump off a cliff; it simply means that you must pour your life into your passion. 

When you find your purpose in life, you will know it. You will know it not because it is easy, but because it is hard. It will pull the best parts of you out kicking and screaming, until you are forced to submit to the power inside you. And yes, there is power inside you. It flows through all of us. We just have to recognize it, and put it to use in a positive way.

I wrote a poem a few months ago about the power that flows through all of us. I don't know how good it is or if it goes well with this blog, but either way, here it is: 

 Now I'm going to get personal, but bear with me, I have a point.  
At least I hope I do.

When I first discovered video editing, I thought I'd found my purpose. It was and still is one of my biggest passions, but it is not my purpose. Then when I founded   RISE (Rape Incest & Suicide Education), I thought I'd found my purpose. But while helping people is definitely a huge part of everyone's purpose, and while I am extremely passionate about RISE, it's still not my purpose.

When I started writing as a child, I was nonchalant about it, and remained that way until recently. But with the creation of my newest literary endeavor, a series of science fiction novels, I honestly believe that I have finally found my purpose. Writing. Not just writing, but using words and images to attempt to pull out the best in people. Using fiction as a motivational tool. I'm not just saying this to promote my books, either. But I want you to understand how I came to this conclusion. Through writing these books and doing the painstaking illustrations for them, I am learning more about myself and the world than I ever imagined I could learn while being creative. I am learning that it is hard, but worth it. All good things are worth it, and all things worth it are hard. 

I don't yet have children (and if I ever do, they will become my purpose) but I know that many people see their children as their purpose in life. Bringing children into this world and raising them is a wonderful thing, but it is by no means an easy task. Childbirth itself is a testament to this. It is probably the most painful thing a woman will ever have to endure, but in the end, when she looks at her baby for the first time, it's worth it. The pain and suffering we go through while pursuing our purpose is a lot like childbirth. It's hard, but in the end, it's worth it. 

If it doesn't require all of your energy; 
if it doesn't make you cry and sweat and bleed; 
if it isn't killing you, then it isn't your purpose in life. 

So what's your purpose?
What's the one thing that is harder than anything else, but that you also want more than anything else? Don't be afraid to leap into the unknown. You can't have crops without reaping, and you can't have success without work. So when you find your purpose, jump in blindly with everything you have. Put the necessary work in, and in the end it will be worth it. Because everything hard is worth it, and everything worth it is hard. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Movie Review: Pacific Rim

Here is my review of Pacific Rim from GetGlue, redefined: 

When news of this film began circulating, I immediately wanted to see it. Not only is it right up my alley (as the novels I'm writing involve robots among other things) but Guillermo del Toro was behind it. When the trailer hit, I was sold. It looked so epic, & it didn't even try to hide the fact that they were trying to be epic, with the trailer's tagline "Go big or go extinct." - They definitely went big with this movie, & I'm sure its effects will not go extinct any time soon.

This movie is essentially "Godzilla" meets "Power Rangers" but 100 times more epic than both of them put together. The graphics are top of the line, delivering spectacular eye candy that you can't help but marvel at, & the score (composed by Ramin Djawadi) creates a beautifully heroic backdrop for the story & the events that unfold. I also loved how the song in the end credits (written for the film & titled "Drift") goes perfectly with the film score. It's this kind of attention to detail I love about films such as After Earth & Sucker Punch, & I feel like this movie is in the same elite category. Parents should know that the human violence in this movie is very minimal & there is absolutely no sexual content, making it a great movie for the whole family.

There is one image from this film that sticks out more than anything to me, of a little girl walking alone through a decimated city. It's such an iconic image of the destruction & chaos we sometimes find ourselves in, & what happens afterwards is a symbol of hope. It says to the viewer that no matter how dark things may seem, there is always hope. Lots of little messages like that run through this movie's veins, but I think the main message is unity. 

The Jaegers need 2 people to operate them, & in order to do this, they have to be completely in sync. I think the song in the end credits says it best when it says "United we can never fall." - It's the oldest trick in the book (united we stand, divided we fall), but somewhere along the way, humanity has begun to lose its grasp of the concept of unity. We can accomplish so much more together than we can apart. We can defeat greater challenges together than we can alone. I think that's what this movie tries to communicate, & it pulls it off well. & did I mention beautifully? See it on the big screen. You will not regret it. 

If you haven't seen the trailer, marvel here: 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Leader Of The Pack

I was talking about wolves with my husband Eric & my mother in law Rachel, & how humans are similar to them. In a wolf pack, you have the Alpha wolf, who rules the pack with power & authority, & needs followers to function. Then you have the Beta wolves, who follow the Alpha without question. They require a leader to function. Then there's the Omega wolf, who desires to be the Alpha, & is eventually exiled from the pack because of it. Humans are the same way. Our personalities reveal whether we are an Alpha (leader), a Beta (follower), or an Omega (rebel/outcast). 

As Eric says, most humans are Betas. They need a leader. This doesn't make them inferior, just typical. There are a few Alphas, who lead others. A great example of this is apparent in disaster scenarios. Most people run around panicking, trying to find someone calm to lead them. These are Beta people. Then there are the few who remain calm enough to think & act responsibly in times of stress. They are Alphas, and they tend to lead & advise the others. According to this, Eric & I are both Alphas. We both remain calm & focused when disaster strikes. But in our marriage, things work a bit differently. 

When I met Eric, I had never been in a relationship with an Alpha before. In most aspects of my life I had been an Omega (an outcast) but  in my past relationships, I had always been the Alpha, and had been drawn to Beta's, probably out of a subconscious desire for control, in order to make up for certain times I'd been severely controlled & taken advantage of in the past. So here were 2 Alphas, both trying to rule the relationship. I have finally given Eric his rightful place as Alpha in the relationship. Not just because he's the male, but because, let's face it, he is just smarter than me. :p & I think that although I was drawn to Betas in the past, what I really needed was an Alpha to put me in my place. Not that he hits me or anything (if he ever did I'd leave him & he knows that) but I look to him for advice on every single decision I make, just like a Beta with an Alpha. 

Anyway, what I'm saying is that I've now become more of a Beta than an Alpha. People can change from one to the other, depending on their life phases & relationships. 

Then there are the Omegas, who are constantly challenging authority & most times have been outcast from the pack because of it. Every family &/or social circle has at least one of these. They are not necessarily bad people, but are usually misunderstood. 

Anyway, I think this is a cool way to categorize personalities & relationships. So which are you? Alpha, Beta, or Omega?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"City of Angels" Music Video

Recently, 30 Seconds To Mars asked their fans (AKA The Echelon) to vote on what they thought should be their next single. Many voted for "City of Angels" and I joined them, giving good reasons for my vote. 

Being an aspiring video editor ( of course I've now imagined an entire video for this song. LOL. Usually I won't post scripts for my videos online, but I'm not trying to make any money by doing this, I just want them to use my idea because I think it's perfect for the song. So, here it is: 

(Please skip over this part if you don't understand it. More blog after this!!!)

Time-lapse of the sun starting to set over L.A. 

Slow motion shots of city lights coming on as the sun sets, & other slow motion shots. 

Quick shots of local people & places (signs, ETC.) to the beat of the drums. 

Jared on a rooftop playing piano. Maybe some quick shots of this to the beat too. 

RV of Shannon & Tomo walking through the city streets. More quick shots to the beat. Shannon maybe twirling a sharpie like a drumstick. (This will make more sense as you read on)

Jared standing on the roof with a microphone, singing, the Hollywood sign glowing in the distance behind him. 

Shot of a local boy around 17. Shannon & Tomo reach him, shake his hand, & Shannon draws a triad on the boy's hand with a sharpie. CU of the boy looking from his hand to them as they walk away. 

A goth girl or maybe a hooker on the corner, obviously lonely. They walk up to her & draw a triad on her hand. 

Jared on the roof singing.

RV of Shannon & Tomo walking through the crowded streets, silhouetted by lights. Interlaced with shots of Jared singing on the roof. 

Shannon & Tomo draw a triad on another local's hand, ETC. 

Jared singing on the roof, the lights behind him. 

Some more slow motion shots. 

Shannon & Tomo walk into a bar or restaurant. 

Jared singing. 

Shannon & Tomo in the bar/restaurant. Shots of violinists playing to the music. They approach a woman with a little boy. Tomo draws a triad on her hand on "mother" & Shannon draws a triad on the boy's hand on "brother" 

Jared singing "me" 

Shannon & Tomo walk out of the bar/restaurant, the mother & son watching curiously. Maybe more violinist shots. 

"The silver of a lake at night" ...'Nuff said. 

Jared singing "The hills of Hollywood on fire" with the Hollywood sign behind him. Maybe some close up shots of the sign too. 

Shots of the walk of fame & maybe a close up of Shannon & Tomo's feet as they walk across it. 

A couple making out on "streets made of desire" because let's face it, it wouldn't be 30STM without it LOL (& because sex sells) 

Shannon & Tomo mark more people, ETC. 

Jared singing. 

Shots of city lights, ETC. 

Shannon & Tomo start climbing the stairs to the rooftop where Jared is. 

Jared singing as Shannon & Tomo set up to play in the background. 

Time-lapse of the sun beginning to rise, & shots of the people they've drawn on (some where they were & maybe some getting out of bed) as their triads start glowing. 

Slow motion shot of Shannon bringing his drumstick down to hit it for the first time. Cut away right before hitting. 

Shots of the people they marked as wings appear on their backs on "angels" (CGI if able, & if not then just strap on wings that are already on. Either way, this is the first time we see wings.) Their eyes maybe glow too as they look at the camera. Some quick shots of them to the beat, shots of the sun rising, ETC. 

CU of Shannon playing the drums. 

Jared singing "I am" on the roof with the band. The sun has risen now. 

The marked with their angel wings all start running from where they each are on "home" in slow motion.

The band playing on the roof. 

The marked with their angel wings running in slow motion. There are a bunch of them (naturally). They eventually meet up at the base of the building the band is on. 

The band playing & singing as it begins to rain. On "angels" zoom out & down to the crowd (filmed from the crowd) 

CU of one of the marked looking up at the sky as it starts raining. On "strangers" zoom way out & up to show the whole crowd (filmed from the roof) 

The band singing & playing, ETC.

Slow motion shots of the marked angels jumping upward, maybe with a hand raised & a finger pointing up for "one" ETC. 

The band singing & playing, ETC. 

Shots of the crowd holding hands or some of them hugging, drenched with rain. Maybe shots of people walking by watching, ETC. If possible, a time-lapse of the city as the entire crowd of smiling angels slowly fades out of the shot, giving a disappearing effect. Maybe a time-lapse of the sun beginning to set again. 

The band playing & singing on the roof, wet from the rain (the girls will love it LOL) with the setting sun behind them, if possible. BTW Jared is now back at the piano, & now the band all has angel wings on (or CGI'd. Either way we don't see their wings till now.) 

Shannon & Tomo disappear (instruments included) & Jared is left playing piano & singing alone on the roof in the setting sun with angel wings. 

On the last "angels" Jared looks up from the piano at the view, maybe with tears of joy rising  in his eyes. 

Wide shot of Jared at the piano with his wings, the setting sun &/or Hollywood sign behind him, silhouetting him. 

Jared disappears too, leaving a gorgeous shot of a lone piano on the roof, silhouetted by the sunset &/or Hollywood sign in the background. Zoom out slow. 

Cut to black. 

Beautiful, right? 
I sure hope you think so. 

If you like this video idea, be an angel (pun intended) & share this blog online using the hashtag #MarsAngels along with a photo of yourself wearing angel wings (or photoshopped wings) & a triad on your hand. like so: 

& make sure to tag the band & its members if you can! Even if you can't do the pictures for some reason, you can still share this blog! Here's a great example of an amazing tweet from @MarsAmee

There is no guarantee that this will work. In fact, it probably won't. But even if it doesn't, it's a fun way to come together & show our love for this band & this song. 

I don't live in L.A. & I have no other agenda than just to get this idea out there while bringing Echelon together. I hope you'll join me! Who knows, if I get enough people to submit pictures I might even make a lyric slideshow of my own to the song ;) 

Have fun posing, angels! 

Be the lighting, 
Kylie Kerosene. 


Well, if you follow the band, you know by now that they didn't use my idea. They did use the rooftop idea though, so I'm okay with that. :) Thanks to those who participated. It was fun! For those who may not have seen it, here is the official "City Of Angels" music video: