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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Review: The 100

So I was going to wait until I had a music video to share, but I decided to go ahead and post a blog on The 100, after that awesome season finale. Mostly because I had too many words in me to post on social media. Regulars might be shocked at how short this one is compared to my typical blogs, but I just wanted to get some of my thoughts out, so I jotted them down here. Enjoy! 

When I saw the very first episode of The 100, I think I probably cried the whole time. Not because it was sad but because it was so beautiful. It was everything I had ever wanted in a series. But as much as I loved the show then, I love it even more now. How is that even possible? Especially now that the characters have left the ark (AKA spaceship) and taken up residence on post-apocalyptic Earth. As a science fiction writer and fan, one would expect the lack of space in season 2 to deter me, but surprisingly, it didn't. While the show lost some of its science fiction elements in season 2, it also gained the grounders (a badass group of warriors) and some cool dynamics between them and the sky people (the ones who came from space). It also lost a character I never liked, which is always a plus. But I think the main reason season 2 was so great was the fact that we got to see the evolution of some of the characters into true warriors. You have to be tough to survive in the world of The 100, after all. 

One of the things I love most about the show is the character arcs. After the season 2 finale, we know Clarke is going to be even more badass next season, having retreated into the wilderness to become some kind of nomad loner. Not to mention poor Jasper, with the loss he suffered in this episode no doubt having lasting ramifications. And I can't believe the difference between Octavia in season 1 and Octavia in season 2. Totally different people. What it all boils down to? War changes people. And it's doing just that on the show. One of the recurring themes, as we heard again tonight from Clarke's mom, is that there are no good guys in war. Everyone has to sacrifice something (or someone) for the greater good. And as Maya said, none of us is innocent. This show has already proven that to be true time and time again, and there's just something so universal about it.

And of course I'm excited that the show will be returning to it science fiction roots next season, as the end of this episode revealed. But with or without the science fiction, The 100 has proven over and over that it is one of the best shows on TV.

I might still post a full fledged blog someday, music video and all, but in the mean time just know that The 100 is an amazing show, and if you aren't watching it, you should be. If you like drama and violence and romance and mystery, you'll like The 100. You might also want to check out the books if you haven't. But be warned that there are some major differences between the books and the show.

Until next season, may we meet again.

Be The Lightning,


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