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Monday, June 1, 2015

Book Review: Dying To Forget

I listened to the audio book for this one, and was asked to write a review of it, so for this book review I'm splitting it into 2 parts - first the book review, & then the audio book review. 

Dying To Forget - the book by Trish Dawson:

 I wasn't sure about dying to forget at first, but a few pages in I was crying. CRYING. Over a book. Because I relate to Piper. I have been there. Drugged & raped. & a cutter. & even suicidal. Thankfully that's all in the past now (I've healed a lot since then & even founded a support group called RISE (Rape Incest & Suicide Education) but nonetheless, after I got passed the first couple of pages (during which I wrongly assumed it was some kind of erotica - it isn't), I grew increasingly connected to & invested in Piper's journey, page after page. The first person point of view & the present tense style, along with Piper's adorable nicknames for people, really help the reader connect with the characters & events in the book. Some of the descriptions were a bit lengthy for me, but other than that, I loved it. Definitely recommended for teens & for anyone who has been through any kind of abuse or trauma. You will cry, you will laugh, & you will find healing in its pages. This is why all books should be written - to uplift, encourage, & empower people. Thank you to Trish Dawson for writing a book that tackles issues needing more light shed on them, while being entertaining & fun at the same time.

Dying To Forget - audio book read by Kimberly Woods:

This was the first time I'd tried listening to an audio book. As a writer myself, as well as a plethora of other things, I rarely find the time to read, so I thought I could listen instead, while working on novel illustrations. Turns out, I was right. Still took forever to get through it, but I got through it much quicker than I would have been able to by actually reading. Kimberly Woods speaks with a clear voice, enunciating every word; & with a soft & calming tone, making it a great read for right before bed (although that's not when I listened to it, but if I could I would). I think her voice embodied the character of Piper well, & she did a good job of keeping up with the humor in the novel, causing me to giggle on multiple occasions. There were a few times when I wished I could speed it up a little because it went a bit too slow for me personally, but nonetheless, I could tell she really immersed herself in the story, which in turn made me feel more immersed in the story too. I love the fact that a busy person like myself can listen while doing other things, so I will definitely be trying more audio books in the future.

 ***I was given an audio copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

You can find this book on Amazon HERE, and on Audible HERE. It's currently free, so check it out!

You can find the author Trish Dawson on her Facebook HERE & her Twitter HERE

You can find more audio books read by Kimberly Woods HERE.

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