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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"City of Angels" Music Video

Recently, 30 Seconds To Mars asked their fans (AKA The Echelon) to vote on what they thought should be their next single. Many voted for "City of Angels" and I joined them, giving good reasons for my vote. 

Being an aspiring video editor ( of course I've now imagined an entire video for this song. LOL. Usually I won't post scripts for my videos online, but I'm not trying to make any money by doing this, I just want them to use my idea because I think it's perfect for the song. So, here it is: 

(Please skip over this part if you don't understand it. More blog after this!!!)

Time-lapse of the sun starting to set over L.A. 

Slow motion shots of city lights coming on as the sun sets, & other slow motion shots. 

Quick shots of local people & places (signs, ETC.) to the beat of the drums. 

Jared on a rooftop playing piano. Maybe some quick shots of this to the beat too. 

RV of Shannon & Tomo walking through the city streets. More quick shots to the beat. Shannon maybe twirling a sharpie like a drumstick. (This will make more sense as you read on)

Jared standing on the roof with a microphone, singing, the Hollywood sign glowing in the distance behind him. 

Shot of a local boy around 17. Shannon & Tomo reach him, shake his hand, & Shannon draws a triad on the boy's hand with a sharpie. CU of the boy looking from his hand to them as they walk away. 

A goth girl or maybe a hooker on the corner, obviously lonely. They walk up to her & draw a triad on her hand. 

Jared on the roof singing.

RV of Shannon & Tomo walking through the crowded streets, silhouetted by lights. Interlaced with shots of Jared singing on the roof. 

Shannon & Tomo draw a triad on another local's hand, ETC. 

Jared singing on the roof, the lights behind him. 

Some more slow motion shots. 

Shannon & Tomo walk into a bar or restaurant. 

Jared singing. 

Shannon & Tomo in the bar/restaurant. Shots of violinists playing to the music. They approach a woman with a little boy. Tomo draws a triad on her hand on "mother" & Shannon draws a triad on the boy's hand on "brother" 

Jared singing "me" 

Shannon & Tomo walk out of the bar/restaurant, the mother & son watching curiously. Maybe more violinist shots. 

"The silver of a lake at night" ...'Nuff said. 

Jared singing "The hills of Hollywood on fire" with the Hollywood sign behind him. Maybe some close up shots of the sign too. 

Shots of the walk of fame & maybe a close up of Shannon & Tomo's feet as they walk across it. 

A couple making out on "streets made of desire" because let's face it, it wouldn't be 30STM without it LOL (& because sex sells) 

Shannon & Tomo mark more people, ETC. 

Jared singing. 

Shots of city lights, ETC. 

Shannon & Tomo start climbing the stairs to the rooftop where Jared is. 

Jared singing as Shannon & Tomo set up to play in the background. 

Time-lapse of the sun beginning to rise, & shots of the people they've drawn on (some where they were & maybe some getting out of bed) as their triads start glowing. 

Slow motion shot of Shannon bringing his drumstick down to hit it for the first time. Cut away right before hitting. 

Shots of the people they marked as wings appear on their backs on "angels" (CGI if able, & if not then just strap on wings that are already on. Either way, this is the first time we see wings.) Their eyes maybe glow too as they look at the camera. Some quick shots of them to the beat, shots of the sun rising, ETC. 

CU of Shannon playing the drums. 

Jared singing "I am" on the roof with the band. The sun has risen now. 

The marked with their angel wings all start running from where they each are on "home" in slow motion.

The band playing on the roof. 

The marked with their angel wings running in slow motion. There are a bunch of them (naturally). They eventually meet up at the base of the building the band is on. 

The band playing & singing as it begins to rain. On "angels" zoom out & down to the crowd (filmed from the crowd) 

CU of one of the marked looking up at the sky as it starts raining. On "strangers" zoom way out & up to show the whole crowd (filmed from the roof) 

The band singing & playing, ETC.

Slow motion shots of the marked angels jumping upward, maybe with a hand raised & a finger pointing up for "one" ETC. 

The band singing & playing, ETC. 

Shots of the crowd holding hands or some of them hugging, drenched with rain. Maybe shots of people walking by watching, ETC. If possible, a time-lapse of the city as the entire crowd of smiling angels slowly fades out of the shot, giving a disappearing effect. Maybe a time-lapse of the sun beginning to set again. 

The band playing & singing on the roof, wet from the rain (the girls will love it LOL) with the setting sun behind them, if possible. BTW Jared is now back at the piano, & now the band all has angel wings on (or CGI'd. Either way we don't see their wings till now.) 

Shannon & Tomo disappear (instruments included) & Jared is left playing piano & singing alone on the roof in the setting sun with angel wings. 

On the last "angels" Jared looks up from the piano at the view, maybe with tears of joy rising  in his eyes. 

Wide shot of Jared at the piano with his wings, the setting sun &/or Hollywood sign behind him, silhouetting him. 

Jared disappears too, leaving a gorgeous shot of a lone piano on the roof, silhouetted by the sunset &/or Hollywood sign in the background. Zoom out slow. 

Cut to black. 

Beautiful, right? 
I sure hope you think so. 

If you like this video idea, be an angel (pun intended) & share this blog online using the hashtag #MarsAngels along with a photo of yourself wearing angel wings (or photoshopped wings) & a triad on your hand. like so: 

& make sure to tag the band & its members if you can! Even if you can't do the pictures for some reason, you can still share this blog! Here's a great example of an amazing tweet from @MarsAmee

There is no guarantee that this will work. In fact, it probably won't. But even if it doesn't, it's a fun way to come together & show our love for this band & this song. 

I don't live in L.A. & I have no other agenda than just to get this idea out there while bringing Echelon together. I hope you'll join me! Who knows, if I get enough people to submit pictures I might even make a lyric slideshow of my own to the song ;) 

Have fun posing, angels! 

Be the lighting, 
Kylie Kerosene. 


Well, if you follow the band, you know by now that they didn't use my idea. They did use the rooftop idea though, so I'm okay with that. :) Thanks to those who participated. It was fun! For those who may not have seen it, here is the official "City Of Angels" music video: 


  1. What Kylie said! (and I sorta did an image -- I used Kylie's and stuck in a headshot of me, but it isn't clear to me that I upload it here.) Sorry.